This is a legitimate question any business owner would ask. Running a small business has its challenges and the rewards come in the form of seeing results with all the marketing done to bring clients in.

Getting your business out there can be done online or offline however, let us talk about the online process of getting our business out there.


Here are a few steps to help out;

1. Identify your target audience.
Understanding whom you want knowing about your business is very important. Knowing who is receiving your message is essential in order to understand how to cater for them appropriately. This is why you need to know who your target audience is.

2. Get a website.
Having a website allows your business to get discovered by those who don’t yet know about it. Especially when the website is search engine optimized. So aside from friends and family knowing about your business, having a website avails other prospective customers to know about your business and patronize you.

3. Be social.
You need to understand the right social media platform that appeals to your potential customer. A lot of people are on social media, looking for information, business, friends etc. Focusing on your target audience helps you identify which social platforms they use and for what.

4. Create great content
Valuable and digestible information makes a customer always want to come back for more, always want to follow your page, read your blog, retweet your tweet, refer your business and eventually become a paying customer.

The question ” How do I Get My Business Out There” is a question in the mind of every business owner. Try out the above listed and let us have your feedback.

This post was written by Nkiruka Ilewi, Digital Strategist at DeepOcean Consults. You can follow her on Twitter @nkyru. The post was updated on January 14, 2019.